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1982 TR8’s

There were exactly sixty-nine 1982 TR8’s built.

    Exclusive Features:

    · Only the 1982 models had a “C” in the VIN # which designates the 1982 Model Year. This is a world standard designation.

    · Only the 1982 models had the cooling scoop from under the front bumper to the starter.

    · None had the wreath above the 3.5 badge on the front fender.

    · Only the 1982 models (and not all of them) had the door panel cloth inset ribs running horizontally instead of vertically. My car, VIN# SAPTL458XCA408380, has it and so does the last TR8 owned by Bob Tullius, # 408533.

    · All the 1982 cars had speedometers in KPH.

    · The odometer and trip gauge were reversed on all 1982 models.

    1982 features phased in with the late 1981 models include:

    · The 82 dash had idiot lights in pictographs, not words. This began with the late 81 cars as a combination of words and pictographs culminating in all pictographs in the very late 81’s.

    · The speedometer had an extra digit and will register 100,000 miles plus.

    · Very late 81 models and the 82’s have the reset for the clock and odometer through the plastic gauge cover.

    · Pictographs were added to all gauges.

    There were exactly 341 1981 TR8’s built, 18 with UK specifications and 324 others. Exactly 69 1982 models were built. Total verified production for 1981 and 1982 models was 410. Total production for all model years was approximately 2744.

    NOTE: Ivan Love, an acknowledged expert on TR8’s, verifies that he has seen one 1982 model TR7 with the C Vin #, so they do exist.

    TRIUMPH TR8 1981/1982 Facts

    Three 1981 cars were built after the 1982’s:

    · BA408492
    · BA408500
    · BA408533

    Roy Miller of Pennsylvania owned one of these cars. The last TR8 was built on October 20, 1981 and was assigned VIN# SATPL4580CA408405. This was the last car built by date, but not the last VIN# which is the Tullius car.